The Experience


Catie McDade Photography 



Genuine | Authentic | Real

My goal is to keep your portraits as fun and stress free as possible.

We will first schedule a time for us to talk on the phone and go over your wish list and what you hope to get out of your portrait session. I will explain the process, and how I do my sessions.

If we decide we are a good fit, I will send you the retainer invoice and session agreement. After those are completed, you are booked! This is when things get fun.

We will schedule a time for you to come to home in St. Johns to look through the Client Wardrobe that I offer. We can try on some clothes and decide what you would like to wear. I have a little bit of everything for the whole family.

If you are booking a family shoot. We would first pick the location. I have 2 locations where my portrait sessions take place.

Location 1 is the beach. This is where 90% of my sessions are. I have a few that I use regularly but if you have a special one in mind we can definitely go there.

Location 2 is “my field,” located in St. Johns. It doesn’t look like much a first glance but the light here is amazing. We will pick the location that best matches your vision and hopes for your portrait session!

All outdoor portrait sessions are done at sunrise or one hour before sunset. This is when the light is most beautiful. If we tried to schedule during other times of day, people would be squinting from the sun and the light is harsh. Sunrise and Sunset are also the times of day it tends to be cooler which makes everyone happier.

After your session we will schedule a time to meet back at my house or we could grab a coffee together. This is where you will see your proofs printed for the first time & pick your collection.

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